Culvert Entrance Maintenance

The lack of cleaning, inspection and maintenance on the Freuchie Mill culvert entrance was highlighted in the post flood analysis. Fife Council has agreed to perform this vital maintenance going forward, subject to proper access facilities being constructed. This is welcomed by both Freuchie Flood Action Group and the residents as one step further down the road to improved flood prevention and protection.  Implementation of the council plan has been delayed by land ownership confusion and access rights, both of which were thankfully cleared up at the last public meeting. It is now over to Fife Council to make the appropriate provision to provide safe access for the clean-up workers in the future.

Meantime, the rain showers last week were of sufficient duration and downfall to cause anxiety amongst Freuchie Mill residents. Rather than running the risk of the accumulated debris causing a restriction or blockage and maybe even another flood, Duncan Buchanan (below left) and Neil Duff (below right), both Freuchie Mill residents, spent a few hours on Saturday clearing away debris and overgrown vegetation from the culvert entrance and surrounding land.

Freuchie Mill culvert entrance debris cleaning being done by residents

The other residents of Freuchie Mill would like to thank them both for their hard work and scrupulous clear-up job. You have done a fabulous job guys.

However, we’re not so sure if Fudge (below) was helping or drinking the burn water! 🙂

Fudge stands in the burn

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