Courier Reports on Scottish Flood Forum Launch

The Courier has today reported on the launch of the Scottish Flood Forum by Mike Russell MSP, Minister for the Environment and attended by members of Freuchie Flood Action Group on Monday.

However, unlike so many other media outlets that simply regurgitated the press release put out by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Flood Forum, The Courier reporter sought out our view on this important development.

A little taster from the article:

Chairman John Thomson later told The Courier he hoped the forum would bring political pressure to bear, pushing local authorities to do more to help.

He said, "The Scottish Government has given its full backing for this forum and as that filters down to local authority level hopefully we will see a lot more being done.

During the launch event on Monday, Neil Duff and John Thomson took the opportunity to network with other flood survivors. Whilst speaking with one of the flood affect Broxburn residents it became apparent that West Lothian Council demonstrated a duty of care over and above any statutory obligation. One resident told of them even coming along to wash the mud from the stone chips in his driveway and footpath. Further, he only had praise and pride in the response shown by council officials and workers post flood.

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