Car Insurance Woes

Flood damaged cars at Freuchie Mill - August 2008

I thought I’d share a little story with everyone so you know to shop around for your insurance this year.

The car taken from me in the August flood event was a boy racer class Subaru Impreza (otherwise known as a Scooby). I’ve got nothing but praise for my insurers at the time, who handled the claim swiftly and efficiently, even if I did have to push them to up their write-off offer. They did eventually, after a short delay, come up with market value for the car.

Aware of the high cost of insurance and running costs for the Scooby I opted for a boring, economical, safe and planet saving Citroen C5 Diesel as a replacement. It is at least a couple of insurance groups less than the Scooby and I have protected no claims, so I was actually looking forward to paying less for the car insurance this coming year.

However, the renewal came through the door and to say I was shocked is a complete understatement! The current insurer has come back with a quote of £472 on a policy that should have been much lower than last years. Various expletives filled the air when that letter was opened last week! I even contacted them for an explanation and after a few minutes they came back with a statement along the lines of, “the price is the price”.

Not content with just renewing the policy and giving away good money for this inflated premium I shopped around on one of the price comparison websites, MoneySuperMarket to be exact. The difference in quotes was startling, with some as low as £250 for the same level of cover.

To all you car flood victims, do remember to shop around for your car insurance if it seems to have gone up substantially following your flood claim.


John A Thomson
Chairman of Freuchie Flood Action Group
& Freuchie Mill Flood Survivor

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