Smile! You’re on Candid Culvert!

Vans come and go in Freuchie Mill all day long at the moment, but Wednesday morning saw a very welcome van rolling down the road. Fife Council had commissioned Euro Environmental Contracts (eec) to perform the camera inspection of the main culvert and the diversion pipe that had been in service for a very short time many years ago when the main culvert was installed.

Euro Environmental Contracts' camera inspection van
Photo: eec Camera Van

A skilled crew from eec, working under the instruction of Fife Council Transportation Services officers, performed a first class camera inspection operation. They kindly allowed us to observe and sought our local knowledge to fill in some of the blanks in the mystery that is Freuchie Mill.

Inside the Euro Environmental Contracts camera van control cabin EEC workers ready the camera robot
EEC worker feeds camera robot into Freuchie Mill diversion pipe Camera robot enters the main culvert at Freuchie Mill
Photos: Camera van control cabin & eec workers use the camera robot

Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the integrity of the diversion pipe, a result that now opens up possibilities for extra water handling capacity through Freuchie Mill in extreme weather events. Apart from the hole in the main culvert at No19, which appears to have occurred during the site development over a decade ago, and the end of the culvert that had underwent a great deal of stress during the garden collapse in August, the remainder of the culvert pipe appeared to be in good condition.

The specialist equipment required to conduct this type of work is impressive technology: powerful spotlights, high resolution cameras, motorised chassis with plenty of torque, computerised control, etc. We did ask if the camera operator was any good on the Wii or Playstation, but is seems the skills required may be a little different!

Photo: Camera robot used at Freuchie Mill

Freuchie Flood Action Group would like to acknowledge the high quality work performed by Fife Council officers and eec. The collaboration between Fife Council and Freuchie Flood Action Group was especially welcomed on this occasion and we look forward to working together more in the future. We thank everyone involved for another milestone moment on our journey for flood protection improvements in Freuchie.

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