Finished for Now!

The first phase of the culvert outlet reinstatement work at Freuchie Mill has been completed by the contractors appointed by Kingdom Housing. New Gabion baskets have been installed, the ground reinstated and landscaped and a fence placed around the whole structure.

Freuchie Mill culvert outlet garden area Reinstated garden shows the diversion pipe now available to help with the management of water

It is reassuring to see the diversion pipe (top right photo) now being added into the water management mix. This should provide additional capacity to handle potential flood waters until proper flood prevention and protection measures can be put in place. However, there is a slight concern over the placement of the culvert pipe and how it may now be angled such that water could potentially cause damage to the structural integrity of the road bridge. See the photos below. 

Culvert outflow and new gabion basket at Freuchie Mill Culvert outflow directed against the bridge  

Fife Council has responded promptly to our concern and will investigate whether this needs to be addressed or if it can wait until further work is carried out during future reinstatement work at the culvert outflow. Thank you.

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