Climate Change… The Aftermath

Alex Hill mid presentation Earlier this evening Alex Hill of the Met Office kindly joined us here in Freuchie to present a talk on Climate Change to Freuchie Flood Action Group. People travelled across from Falkland to join the residents of Freuchie in listening to a compelling case for climate change being a real man-made phenomenon. This has to be one of the best presentation so far to be delivered at a FFAG meeting.

John A Thomson, Chairman of Freuchie Flood Action Group commented:

We cannot thank Alex enough for venturing all the way to Freuchie to deliver this thought provoking talk. Even although it contained alarming facts and figures, we can take much from it in our ongoing campaign for flood prevention and protection for Freuchie. It was a privilege to be in the audience while he patiently took question after question,  from both sceptic and believer alike, responding with thought provoking answers that covered not only the scientific elements, but also the political, social and economic aspects of climate change.

It was also very welcome to see Paul Hendy of the Scottish Flood Forum turning up to support Alex and FFAG. Paul is doing sterling work in Scotland with flood affected communities… keep up the good work Paul.

Once again we have to give special mention to Ronnie at the Lomond Hills Hotel for the use of the facilities. We did try to increase Ronnie’s bar takings a little last night.

Alex has graciously made available a PDF version of his presentation for us to share. We heartedly recommend you take a look as it will be time well spent.

PDF icon that links to the Climate Change slide deck Presentation deck for the Climate Change Talk by Alex Hill of the Met Office

And finally…

Even although it has been 14 years since Alex was a TV weatherman, the star struck amongst the attendees insisted on getting their photo taken with him. Fame is indeed everlasting!

John A Thomson, Alex Hill & David MacDiamid taken at the Climate Change Talk in Freuchie
Photo: John A Thomson (Chair of FFAG), Alex Hill of the Met Office & Cllr David MacDiarmid

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