Flooding Review

Fife Council and other partners involved in flooding incidents have been working hard behind the scenes to analyse and develop an improved and better integrated response for communities at risk from flooding. A review report was submitted to the October 2010 meeting of the Environment, Enterprise & Transportation Committee and makes for very interesting reading to those of us with an interest in flooding. More information here.

Fife is certainly better prepared for moderate and heavy rainfall events with these new measures and additional resources. The notorious culvert at Freuchie Mill is one of the Priority 1 flood risk areas that receives special consideration. Transportation Services has also indicated Greentree Brae bridge will be added once the new bridge is constructed. FFAG will be considering if there are other areas of Freuchie that should be examined for inclusion in the new inspection regime.

The personnel from the various organisation who contributed to the major improvements highlighted in this document should be commended for their effort and professionalism.

Here’s hoping Freuchie doesn’t need to test out the new equipment and full emergency flooding response.

Emergency Flooding Procedure Review – Oct 2010

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