Flood Study Recommendation

Freuchie has been recommended as the next priority area for a flood scoping study in a Fife Council report being submitted to the Environment, Enterprise and Transportation Committee next week.

In the report Jim Moodie, Lead Officer for Harbours, Flood and Coast, has recommended:

“Priority areas with identified flood risk, that require flood studies, indicated within the Fife Flood Alleviation Report 2009, are Freuchie Village including Freuchie Mill, Falkland Village and East Wemyss. Further locations will be identified under the Act as all sources of flooding require to be considered, including surface water over land flow, agricultural drainage, groundwater / springs and coastal flooding.

At this time it is considered that the next flood study should be progressed at Freuchie Village including Freuchie Mill, which is the location most likely to produce various forms of viable economic flood alleviation options in view of the number of properties at risk from flooding from a variety of sources. This will focus efforts on an area and a community at greatest risk of flooding.“

This is a very welcome development indeed and is certainly movement in the right direction for our flood prevention and protection campaign.

Hopefully the elected members will be in agreement with the report.

Councillors approved the FRM Act report at Thursday’s meeting of the Enterprise, Environment  & Transportation committee meeting.


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