The Morning of the Night Before

Water course levels have steadily fallen since the last post… thankfully.

snapshot_00606E8C2D81_20110116094913  snapshot_00606E8EC70F_20110116084951
Photos: Freuchie Mill culvert @ 9am

The 26.4mm of rainfall experienced over the last 24 hours wouldn’t normally have been a cause of major concern but the frozen and saturated ground and remainder of the snowmelt made for a worrying few hours in the early hours of this morning.

Rainfall graph of the 16th January 2011
Graph: Cumulative Rainfall graph for the last 24 hours

There will be many Freuchie residents having a wee sleep during the day today! Lots of sleep to be caught up on.

Freuchie really dodged a bullet last night. An hour or two more of warm front rainfall would have seen flooding occurring again in our village. We hope everyone else at risk of flooding in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK also survived unscathed.

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