As so many people live in Facebook, Freuchie Flood Action Group now has a Facebook page for convenience and to be used as an aid in our ongoing campaign to prevent the future flooding of Freuchie.

You’ll find the Facebook fanbox at the top of the right hand sidebar on this blog.

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice the Facebook fan count is one higher than the number of account avatars or there is a double avatar for one of the fans. This is a bug in the Facebook system. Discussions with another software developer has led us to conclude it would be nigh impossible to get Facebook to recognise and fix this bug! As this isn’t a show stopper we’ll not bother trying to report it to them for it to end up being ignored.

Update 2 
The Facebook fanbox widget was too problematic and was slowing down the blog webpage loading so it has been disabled. A "Find Us on FaceBook" button has been put in place instead. Please use this button to find our Facebook page and then click on the "Like" link.

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