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Whilst out and about yesterday, we spotted a manhole cover was missing, most probably stolen. The manhole in question was installed by Fife Council last year as part of the new Freuchie Mill Road surface drainage improvement scheme. This is a disgraceful theft of important infrastructure.

Missing manhole cover at Freuchie Mill
Photo: Missing manhole cover at Freuchie Mill Road

Fife Council Transportation Services was immediately made aware of this issue and should be dealing with it promptly. Yet again the poor taxpayer has to pick up the bill.

A Freuchie Mill resident has just informed us the theft occurred sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. He tried to report the missing manhole cover to Fife Council only to be told it was Scottish Waters’ responsibility, who he subsequently telephoned. FFAG has asked Fife Council to clarify who is actually responsible for this surface drainage scheme.

Let us be clear to thieves that Freuchie residents will call out the Police to investigate any suspicious individual milling about or in the  act of committing a criminal offence.

Residents of Freuchie who use the old county road / track down to the Kettle Produce plant should take care not to fall into this danger. It’s probably wise to keep a tight lead on your dogs as you go past.

This incident will be reported on at the Freuchie Community Council meeting held tonight at 7:30pm in the Lumsden Hall.

Fife Council has promptly confirmed the drainage scheme is their responsibility. Looks like someone needs to tell the telephone call handlers Smile.

Fife Council has now made the site safe by placing a pallet over the manhole chamber and putting a couple of road cones on top. Hopefully it won’t be too long before this temporary measure is replaced by something permanent and more secure.

A thanks goes to Fife Council for the prompt action.

A police officer from Cupar Police Station has been out to look over the crime scene and to take a statement.

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