Buying Property in Freuchie

Freuchie Flood Action Group was contacted last week by a potential house buyer looking for information on a property in Freuchie. They found this website while doing some routine research on the web – good to know we’re so prominent! It would be inappropriate to discuss our advice or conversations with this individual but we can take a look at the wider topic of purchasing property in Freuchie.

A minority of properties have actually been flooded in Freuchie over the last few years. However there are a significant number of other properties at risk from future flood events. FFAG is one of the best placed organisations to provide advice to existing and potential properties owners on the flood risk at any particular property.

Property buyers should asks for a survey that will consider any past flooding and the existing flood risk. Solicitors should also be made aware of the need to search out past flood incidents and flood risk information. Ensure you put everything in writing, obtain proof of delivery and request an acknowledgment of your request, for there may come a time when you need to look at legal redress if it turns out they have been negligent or provided bad advice.

Please contact FFAG if you require further information.

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