Normalicy Bias

From Wikipedia:

The normalcy bias refers to a mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. This often results in situations where people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster, and on a larger scale, the failure of the government to include the populace in its disaster preparations. The assumption that is made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a disaster never has occurred then it never will occur. It also results in the inability of people to cope with a disaster once it occurs. People with a normalcy bias have difficulties reacting to something they have not experienced before. People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation.[

Flood survivors may well recognise this in themselves and organisations responsible for disaster planning, property development and flood authorities. It is especially dangerous in people and organisations after a flood event for it may well result in little or no preparedness for future flooding.

Hopefully this post will assist people and organisation to recognise this state and do something about flooding in your area before it is too late.


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