National Flood Risk Assessment

Following a nation wide consultation, SEPA has published the National Flood Risk Assessment.

The National Flood Risk Assessment is the first step of the new risk-based approach to managing the impacts of flooding, introduced by the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. It represents a significant milestone in our understanding of flood risk by bringing together the latest information on the sources and impacts of flooding across Scotland.

From the National Flood Risk Assessment we have found that one in 22 of all residential properties and one in 13 of all non-residential properties are at risk of flooding from rivers, the sea or heavy rainfall in urban areas. The outcomes of the National Flood Risk Assessment will help us to target actions for flood risk management in those areas where we can have the greatest impact.

SEPA has published the following documents to accompany the National Flood Risk Assessment:

>> View the National Flood Risk Assessment here

Freuchie is shown as being in an area at significant risk from flooding. Two locations within Freuchie are highlighted as “Flood Events” hotspots.

FFAG will be assessing the various documents and resources made available by SEPA.

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