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Culvert Repair – Day 1

Day one of the culvert repair work at Freuchie Mill draws to a close, during which much progress appears to have taken place.   Photos: Culvert pipe section before (left) and end of day 1 (right) The damaged section, photo below, has been cut out and patched with a section of new culvert pipe, completed

Culvert Repair

Contractors have started on the repair of the damaged section of culvert pipe at No 19, funded by the householder’s insurance company. Photo: Repair work begins on the damaged culvert section  The workmen expect it to take 2 – 3 days to complete the work, which includes replacing the pipe section, encasing the repair in


Residents have been asking about the Unidentified Fluorescing Objects that have appeared on trees, roads and other assorted places around Freuchie Mill over the last few days. Photo: Markings on the road surface at Freuchie Mill Surveyors have been engaged to produce a  topographic survey, during which they are leaving  a trail of markings. The

Finished for Now!

The first phase of the culvert outlet reinstatement work at Freuchie Mill has been completed by the contractors appointed by Kingdom Housing. New Gabion baskets have been installed, the ground reinstated and landscaped and a fence placed around the whole structure.   It is reassuring to see the diversion pipe (top right photo) now being

Climate Change Report

SNIFFER (Scottish & Northern Ireland Forum For Environmental Research) has recently published their findings into “Differential Social Impacts of Climate Change in the UK”. More information, including the final report, can be found HERE. Technorati Tags: climate change, SNIFFER

ABI Talk Resources

The ABI Flood Insurance talk last week was well attended and was crowned a grand success by those who came along. Arthur Philp delivered an informative presentation,  thereafter providing comprehensive responses to our questions and comments. Everyone went away better equipped to deal with post flood event clean-up and reassured their future flood insurance needs

Visit to WWF Flood Management Project

Freuchie Flood Action Group was joined last Tuesday afternoon by representatives from the Scottish Flood Forum on a guided tour of the River Devon Natural Flood Management Demonstration Site by Mike Donaghy of the World Wildlife Fund (WFF).   Photo: (left to right) Paul Hendy of the Scottish Flood Forum; Mike Donaghy of the WWF;

Inspection Regime Begins

Fife Council Community Services has today began the routine inspection regime at the inlet to the culvert at Freuchie Mill. In between the monthly council inspections, the local residents will be keeping an eye on the watercourse and reporting any debris found lying in and around the culvert entrance. Another successful partnership approach between Fife

Smile! You’re on Candid Culvert!

Vans come and go in Freuchie Mill all day long at the moment, but Wednesday morning saw a very welcome van rolling down the road. Fife Council had commissioned Euro Environmental Contracts (eec) to perform the camera inspection of the main culvert and the diversion pipe that had been in service for a very short