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Oh No! Not Again!

Rain is nothing more than an inconvenience to most people’s plans, but to the residents of Freuchie it is a cause of concern and sleepless nights. The weekend of the 10th/11th January was a wet one, as most people will have no doubt noticed, but the late evening of the 11th into the early hours

Media Roundup

The removal and replacement of the bridge at Green Tree Brae in Freuchie got a mention in both the Fife Herald and The Courier this week. Our last blog post on the ABI – Scottish Government Insurance Agreement on flooding got a mention in today’s Courier. Good to see Freuchie Flood Action Group and our

Good News on Flood Insurance

Some good news for the flood survivors of Freuchie, and other areas of Fife and Scotland affected by flooding, came yesterday when the Scottish Government and the insurance industry reached a joint agreement that will give homes and businesses greater protection. The Scottish Government and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have agreed to work

Car Insurance Woes

I thought I’d share a little story with everyone so you know to shop around for your insurance this year. The car taken from me in the August flood event was a boy racer class Subaru Impreza (otherwise known as a Scooby). I’ve got nothing but praise for my insurers at the time, who handled

Culvert Entrance Maintenance

The lack of cleaning, inspection and maintenance on the Freuchie Mill culvert entrance was highlighted in the post flood analysis. Fife Council has agreed to perform this vital maintenance going forward, subject to proper access facilities being constructed. This is welcomed by both Freuchie Flood Action Group and the residents as one step further down