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Flooding Review

Fife Council and other partners involved in flooding incidents have been working hard behind the scenes to analyse and develop an improved and better integrated response for communities at risk from flooding. A review report was submitted to the October 2010 meeting of the Environment, Enterprise & Transportation Committee and makes for very interesting reading

Tree Branch Clearance

Thanks go to Fife Council Community Services for clearing away the cut down branches this morning from Freuchie Mill. The webcameras are better able to operate properly through the removal of the branches and the residents can sleep soundly again reassured that the branches won’t end up in the burn or blocking the culvert. Technorati

A View from the “Web” Camera

The view from the new Freuchie Mill webcam caused some amusement this evening… Image Capture: View from the webcamera this evening Tiny spiders had been busy over the last few hours spinning their webs all over the new web camera. Perhaps we should start to call it CCTV instead of a webcam to stop the

New Webcam

A new webcamera is now in operation offering views of the Pitilock Burn and “Millwaters” outlet pipe on the upstream side of the Freuchie Mill culvert. This webcam, when added to the existing webcam, now offers comprehensive coverage of the Freuchie Mill culvert inlet.    Image Capture: The view from the new webcam A temporary

Inspect the Defences

The rainfall predicted for today shouldn’t be a problem for Freuchie, but the stormy weather being predicted on Friday and Sunday is a concern due to the cumulative effect. It is enough of a concern that residents at risk of flooding should be checking over their flood defence kit to ensure everything is ship shape

New Houses

There was nothing to report at the Freuchie Community Council meeting earlier this week in relation to the proposed Lomond Group / Kingdom Housing Association development at Broomfield Place / Millburn Place. Only a complex flood prevention solution will solve the flood risk issue at and downstream of the proposed site. Technorati Tags: Broomfield Place,

Green Tree Brae Bridge

The last few remaining issues were cleared out of the way at the monthly Freuchie Community Council meeting this week, which allows the green light to be given for the installation of the replacement foot bridge. The bridge will come complete with an automatic flood barrier to help prevent future flooding of homes at Green

Lens Change

The Freuchie Mill culvert webcam has been changed from a 6mm lens to a 3.6mm lens. This shorter focal length lens allows more of the culvert area to be seen. Have a look at the Wikipedia article on Focal Length if you’d like to understand the principle being applied. Old image using 6mm lens during


The Freuchie Mill culvert webcam has been replaced and is now operational. An additional infra-red illuminator has been installed to improve image quality during the hours of darkness. Higher quality lenses with a shorter focal length (wider view) are on order for the webcams to improve the image quality further. The Freuchie Mill road camera

New Video Footage

Freuchie Flood Action Group has just received video footage taken during the flood event in the early hours of the 13th August 2008. Yet more graphic proof of why Kingdom Housing Association and the developers must ensure they get the flood prevention implementation correct on this site. This new content will be sent off to