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Hurricane Irene

Our thoughts are with those across the Atlantic who are suffering the worst effects of “Hurricane Irene” / “Tropical Storm Irene”. The storm surge has already caused flooding, with further severe flooding being predicted along the east coast of the US. Keep safe. Technorati Tags: flooding,hurricane Irene,storm surge,tropical storm Irene

Dorset Floods

Sad to report more flooding in the UK. This time it is the Dorset resort of Bournemouth. Sounds fairly bad going by this Guardian news article. Further flooding is expected as the weather worsens over the next few days. The Bournemouth Echo has graphic photographs in their coverage. FFAG is thinking of all those affected

Road Works

This isn’t exactly a flood related post but it is important news for Freuchie next month. Patrick Laughlin, Secretary of Freuchie Community Council, has sought clarification about the ongoing gas works currently underway in Freuchie. A Scottish Gas Networks spokesperson informed him of the following works: Week commencing 19 Sept – traffic will not be

August Met Office Stats

A Met Office spokesman on the BBC Scotland News programme revealed the following statistics for the first ten days of August: 2/3 of weather stations in Scotland have already recorded the usual amount of rainfall that would be seen in the whole of August. Aberdeen has recorded 1.5 times Edinburgh has recorded 2 times Leuchars

Flooding in Fife

Park Road in Rosyth has suffered devastating flooding according to the Dunfermline Press:–an-absolute-disaster-after-deluge/ STV is reporting flooding in Burntisland, Kilmany, St Andrews and Tayport: The BBC has done a great job of reporting on the Rosyth flood: Very sad news day for Fife.  FFAG is thinking of the people in the areas

Others Thinking of Freuchie

Just received an email from the Chair of Cockermouth Flood Action Group: Hi, I’m chair of Cockermouth Flood Action Group. Just wanted to say we are thinking about you, hope the water abates soon and keep up good work. The lovely sentiment helps to brightens the day here in Freuchie. FFAG hopes all is well

40mm Day

Approximately 40mm of rainfall was recorded by the Freuchie Mill weather station from 9am on the 10th until 9am this morning (11th). Image: Recent daily rainfall totals This volume of rainfall will have fully saturated the ground thereby increasing the risk of flooding over the next few days as rain continues to fall. Technorati Tags: