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A View from the “Web” Camera

The view from the new Freuchie Mill webcam caused some amusement this evening… Image Capture: View from the webcamera this evening Tiny spiders had been busy over the last few hours spinning their webs all over the new web camera. Perhaps we should start to call it CCTV instead of a webcam to stop the

Scottish Water – What GEMs

Scottish Water came out this evening to repair the water mains damaged by Fife Council earlier today. The repair crew were courteous, professional and dealt with the repair in an efficient and timely manner. When it was pointed out that the chicken farm had no water, which was a threat to the survival of the

The Last of the Flood Repairs

The blog post title is a little play of words on a famous film title, but we can see proof of the last of the flood damage being repaired on Google Street View! View Larger Map Monoblock and floods don’t really mix well! Two driveways in Freuchie Mill are mono blocked – both needed to

A Worthy Cause

Something a little different for once and certainly off topic! The Fife Herald has a report this week about the beloved and respected Cameron MacKenzie who has pledged to do a 10k walk once a month for the next 10 months as a way of raising awareness of and funds for Alzheimer Scotland. He and

Frozen Gas Meter

Another lingering effect of the recent flooding manifested itself yesterday afternoon. John Thomson, Freuchie Flood Action Group chairman, discovered he had no hot water or heating. Turns out the flood waters had likely got into the regulator and / or meter mechanism, which then froze up due to the cold snap. Scotia Gas Networks replaced

A Close Call

With a great deal of effort and more than a little luck Freuchie survived the very heavy rainfall that fell on the East of Scotland on Sunday. The small flood improvement measures we have already made since the 2008 floods, the help of many people from the community to manage flood water, the early assistance