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Website Refresh

It has been a while since we posted on the blog but we’ve still be busy keeping the group’s concerns about flooding ticking over in the corridors of power. Time for a new look on the blog. Hope you like it. p.s. We’re keeping an eye on the rising burn levels while this period of

Webcam Change

The webcams will be switched over to a subscription only service this weekend. The weather station will follow in the next few weeks. Use the Contact Us form if you haven’t already told us you would like to subscribe. UPDATE: Webcams are now a subscription only service. Technorati Tags: webcams

IT System Changes

The weather station system has been transferred over to a new server due to the previous computer occasionally hanging up. A business grade HP server hooked up to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has been installed, from which allayit expects to see considerably less unscheduled downtime. To be fair to the old computer, the Acer

Weather Station Outage

FFAG must apologise for the Freuchie Mill weather station being down for the last few weeks. Unfortunately the engineer who looks after this system was unavailable to bring the system back online. Luckily there wasn’t too much call for the service during this period of downtime; Mother Nature was kind to us the last few


We will be taking the weather station computer offline this morning to perform updates. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Update: Weather Station update completed successfully. Technorati Tags: weather station

New Look

The previous WordPress theme used on the FFAG blog had a file missing that very occasionally caused a confusing message to be displayed while visitors browsed and searched through blog posts. Unfortunately the development of this free theme appears to have ceased and it would take too much effort and time to fix the problems.


As so many people live in Facebook, Freuchie Flood Action Group now has a Facebook page for convenience and to be used as an aid in our ongoing campaign to prevent the future flooding of Freuchie. You’ll find the Facebook fanbox at the top of the right hand sidebar on this blog. Update The eagle

Changes to the Services

It has been a costly exercise to develop the services offered by allayit on this websites. Within the next few weeks the weather station and webcamera services currently offered for free will be switched to a subscription service – pricing information and T&Cs will be revealed soon. The services will also be switched over to

Outage Update

BT Openreach is currently working on restoring the landline outage that has prevented the weatherstation and webcams from functioning. They have temporary traffic lights on the B936 between Freuchie and the Newton of Falkland while they work on the main cables at the side of the road. Technorati Tags: BT Openreach, Freuchie, Newton of Falkland