Scottish Government Introduce Flood Bill

Yesterday the Scottish Government announced the introduction of the new Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Bill, which looks to update current legislation and improve flood management in Scotland. Have a look at the official press release for more information. Those of us with an interest in flooding may also wish to deliberate the actual Bill, explanatory

The Darkest of Veils for the Bride

It was one of the happiest days of Kay and Jim’s life when they tied the knot and flew off on honeymoon.  They were truly oblivious to the cruel hand of fate smiting down on Freuchie Mill whilst they were blissfully enjoying the first throngs of married life. This is Kay’s story in her own

The Camera Phone that Survived Freuchie Mill

While residents and officials looked on in detached disbelief at the flood event unfolded on the 13th August in Freuchie Mill, one individual had the foresight and a camera phone up to the task of filming in the watery abyss cul-de-sac. Within hours, the video footage was up on YouTube for all to see and

Freuchie Residents Form Flood Action Group

In the early hours of the 13th August 2008, the residents of Freuchie were caught up in an unprecedented flood event. The media widely reported the flooding in Freuchie Mill where 12 homes owned by private residents and Kingdom Housing Association were devastated in spectacular style. Even those Freuchie Mill resident who escaped their homes