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Close Call – But We’re Not Done Yet!

It was another eventful evening in Freuchie and indeed throughout North East Fife last night. We’ll cover Freuchie in more details in a moment but let’s first have a whirlwind round-up of other areas we know have been affected by flooding. The SEPA river level monitoring station at Strathmiglo indicated the River Eden was running

Congratulations Councillors

Freuchie Flood Action Group would like to congratulate Cllr Donald Lothian and Cllr David MacDiarmid on their successful re-election and welcome Cllr Andy Heer to be the latest representative of Freuchie. These three councillors will be representing The Howe of Fife and Tay Coast (Ward 17), of which Freuchie is a part, for the next

Councillor Shows Concern

We would like to thank Cllr David MacDiarmid for showing up yesterday early evening to check on how Freuchie was standing up to the rainfall. He was only away about fifteen minutes when the high drama began at Freuchie Mill. We appreciate his concern and continued support. Technorati Tags: Cllr David MacDiarmid, Freuchie, Freuchie Mill

The Courier

Cllr David MacDiarmid, John A Thomson (Chairman of Freuchie Flood Action Group) and Freuchie Mill resident Claire Morgan were interviewed and photographer today by The Courier about the surface drainage works currently underway on Freuchie Mill Road.  The news article should be in tomorrow’s newspaper and we highly recommend getting yourself a copy! Photo: Cllr

Councillor Checks on Progress

Photo (Left to right): John Thomson (Chairman), Cllr MacDiarmid, Jim Mullen (Vice-Chair) and Neil Duff at Freuchie Mill Cllr David MacDiarmid joined representatives from Freuchie Flood Action Group today on a tour of the work carried out at Freuchie Mill over the last few weeks. As a parting gift we gave Cllr MacDiarmid a number