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A Worthy Cause

Something a little different for once and certainly off topic! The Fife Herald has a report this week about the beloved and respected Cameron MacKenzie who has pledged to do a 10k walk once a month for the next 10 months as a way of raising awareness of and funds for Alzheimer Scotland. He and

Fife Herald

Another excellent article by Liz Rougvie on Page 3 of this week’s Fife Herald. Freuchie gets a mention in a round-up of areas that survived flooding this time around. Liz has also written the front page article on flooding. It is interesting to see Ming Campbell MP calling for proactive action on flooding. Freuchie Flood

Media Roundup

The Courier has a front page article on the flooding that affected so many parts of Scotland yesterday. It was particularly sad to see homes being flooded again with not even a year having past since they last got flooded. The Scottish Sun also has a shorter write up that highlights the problem being made

Media Roundup

Both The Courier and the Fife Herald have picked up our “Oh No! Not Again!” blog post of last week. The Fife Herald version is available here. Our thanks again to Liz Rougvie of the Fife Herald and Gordon Berry of The Courier for running our story. Technorati Tags: Fife, Fife Herald, Gordon Berry, Liz

A Good Week in the Media

We’ve had a busy week in the media thanks once again to the Fife Herald and The Courier: one mention in the Fife Herald and two in The Courier. Both newspapers focused on our participation in the launch event for the Scottish Flood Forum and the meeting of Freuchie Flood Action Group committee members with

Media Roundup

Once again we need to thank The Courier and Fife Herald for continuing to feature Freuchie Flood Action Group in their news content this week. Tuesday saw us in print responding to the generous offer from Network Rail to contribute towards a full scale hydrology study for Freuchie. We look forward to hearing how the