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Close Call – But We’re Not Done Yet!

It was another eventful evening in Freuchie and indeed throughout North East Fife last night. We’ll cover Freuchie in more details in a moment but let’s first have a whirlwind round-up of other areas we know have been affected by flooding. The SEPA river level monitoring station at Strathmiglo indicated the River Eden was running

Road Works

This isn’t exactly a flood related post but it is important news for Freuchie next month. Patrick Laughlin, Secretary of Freuchie Community Council, has sought clarification about the ongoing gas works currently underway in Freuchie. A Scottish Gas Networks spokesperson informed him of the following works: Week commencing 19 Sept – traffic will not be

FCC Facebook Page

Freuchie Community Council is now on Facebook. This is an exciting development for the community to keep abreast of the activities of our community council and a new mechanism for our community councillors to share with the community. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Freuchie-Community-Council/198227933534132 Remember to hit the “Like” button if you want the latest news and updates

Thank you Ewen

Freuchie Flood Action Group would like to say a hearty thank you to Ewen Jardine for his advice, assistance and sheer hard work in relation to flooding over the last few years. As secretary of Freuchie Community Council his support was vital to FFAG and Freuchie residents in our efforts to deal with flooding and

Planning Application Withdrawn

The diligence and perseverance of Freuchie residents, Freuchie Community Council and Freuchie Flood Action Group ensured Lomond Group and Kingdom Housing Association made every possible investigation when considering the flood risk at the proposed development at Broomfield Place. We were informed last night of the withdrawal of this planning application due to the flood risk

New Houses

There was nothing to report at the Freuchie Community Council meeting earlier this week in relation to the proposed Lomond Group / Kingdom Housing Association development at Broomfield Place / Millburn Place. Only a complex flood prevention solution will solve the flood risk issue at and downstream of the proposed site. Technorati Tags: Broomfield Place,

Green Tree Brae Bridge

The last few remaining issues were cleared out of the way at the monthly Freuchie Community Council meeting this week, which allows the green light to be given for the installation of the replacement foot bridge. The bridge will come complete with an automatic flood barrier to help prevent future flooding of homes at Green

Happy Anniversary!

It has been two years since the flooding of various properties throughout Freuchie. Happily we’re not aware of any further major property damage caused by flooding over that period. However we did have the near miss event last year which threatened homes in Albany Crescent and Freuchie Mill. We cannot be complacent in our campaign

Community Council Meeting

Freuchie Community Council Meeting 7.30 pm Wednesday 12th May 2010 Lumsden Memorial Hall AGENDA 1. Welcome and Apologies 2. Membership 3. Minutes of AGM and meeting of 14th April 4. Fife Council Matters – Councillors/Locality Manager 5. Treasurer’s Report 6. Planning (to be advised at meeting) New Applications None to date Applications dealt with None