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Congratulations Councillors

Freuchie Flood Action Group would like to congratulate Cllr Donald Lothian and Cllr David MacDiarmid on their successful re-election and welcome Cllr Andy Heer to be the latest representative of Freuchie. These three councillors will be representing The Howe of Fife and Tay Coast (Ward 17), of which Freuchie is a part, for the next

Flooding in the Classroom

John Thomson, Chair of the Freuchie Flood Action Group, visited Dundee University on Tuesday to talk to students on the University’s undergraduate Geography programme about flooding from a resident’s perspective. Photo: John (centre, left) is pictured with the students and Dr Andrew Black, a Senior Lecturer in the University (centre, right). The University of Dundee

Yorkshire Flash Floods

Our thoughts go out to the people of Yorkshire affected by flash flooding yesterday afternoon and overnight. The National Flood Forum is available to help out people in England affected by flooding. Feel free to send Freuchie Flood Action Group a message if you have a query that is going unanswered elsewhere. News Resources: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-14396998

Buying Property in Freuchie

Freuchie Flood Action Group was contacted last week by a potential house buyer looking for information on a property in Freuchie. They found this website while doing some routine research on the web – good to know we’re so prominent! It would be inappropriate to discuss our advice or conversations with this individual but we


As so many people live in Facebook, Freuchie Flood Action Group now has a Facebook page for convenience and to be used as an aid in our ongoing campaign to prevent the future flooding of Freuchie. You’ll find the Facebook fanbox at the top of the right hand sidebar on this blog. Update The eagle

Thank you Ewen

Freuchie Flood Action Group would like to say a hearty thank you to Ewen Jardine for his advice, assistance and sheer hard work in relation to flooding over the last few years. As secretary of Freuchie Community Council his support was vital to FFAG and Freuchie residents in our efforts to deal with flooding and

Green Tree Brae Bridge

The last few remaining issues were cleared out of the way at the monthly Freuchie Community Council meeting this week, which allows the green light to be given for the installation of the replacement foot bridge. The bridge will come complete with an automatic flood barrier to help prevent future flooding of homes at Green

Happy Anniversary!

It has been two years since the flooding of various properties throughout Freuchie. Happily we’re not aware of any further major property damage caused by flooding over that period. However we did have the near miss event last year which threatened homes in Albany Crescent and Freuchie Mill. We cannot be complacent in our campaign