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The Disappearing Culvert Pipe

Freuchie experienced the most rainfall in a while yesterday. Approximately 24mm of rain fell in 9 hours, with most of the total falling in a 7 hour spell of moderate steady rainfall. The culvert at Freuchie Mill rose considerably during this rainfall event. As has been previously highlighted, a rainfall rate of 3mm per hour

Weather Station Outage

FFAG must apologise for the Freuchie Mill weather station being down for the last few weeks. Unfortunately the engineer who looks after this system was unavailable to bring the system back online. Luckily there wasn’t too much call for the service during this period of downtime; Mother Nature was kind to us the last few

Freuchie Mill Flood Barrier

The Courier has done another outstanding job of highlighting the flood risk present in Freuchie in today’s article about the new automatic flood barrier installed at Freuchie Mill. This new flood protection measure protects three Kingdom Housing Association properties from being deluged in another August 2008 type flood event. Freuchie Flood Action Group pointed out

Adhoc Trash Screens

Following the mini-flood event on Friday, FFAG made a couple of suggestions to the owners of Freuchie Mill House on how to reduce the risk of flooding by blocked drainage grids. The owners have responded to our suggestions incredibly quickly, putting in place a couple of new adhoc trash screens  that should help to reduce

Freuchie Mill Alarm Sounded

The flood air horn was sounded a few moments ago, the first time it has been set off, when water started to flood into Freuchie Mill at the rear of No 14 & 15 from the  “Millwaters” water channel. The cause of the flooding was blocked grates on the water feature in the garden of

How Close Was It

It has been reported to FFAG that some Freuchie Mill residents are oblivious to how close we were to another major flooding disaster in the early hours of Sunday morning. This blog post will provide some more detail on the decision making and events of Sunday morning. Committee members of FFAG stood at the side

Fingers Crossed

The residents of Freuchie are in major flood watch preparedness. 2am Update   Freuchie Burn running at about 60% capacity in the centre of the village. Water channel at The Feus running high. Freuchie Mill culvert alarmingly high and still rising with the moderate and heavy rainfall falling on Freuchie and surrounding area.   Photos: