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Have you told your insurer?

Last years floods had a devastating impact on a great many families in all areas of Freuchie. It will come as no surprise, or perhaps it may, that for insurance purposes the vast majority of homes in Freuchie are now within 400m of a flood area. Screen Capture: Money Supermarket online home insurance quotation form

ABI Talk Resources

The ABI Flood Insurance talk last week was well attended and was crowned a grand success by those who came along. Arthur Philp delivered an informative presentation,  thereafter providing comprehensive responses to our questions and comments. Everyone went away better equipped to deal with post flood event clean-up and reassured their future flood insurance needs

Car Insurance Woes

I thought I’d share a little story with everyone so you know to shop around for your insurance this year. The car taken from me in the August flood event was a boy racer class Subaru Impreza (otherwise known as a Scooby). I’ve got nothing but praise for my insurers at the time, who handled

Our Wullie

Check out page four of The Courier today as our own Willy Harrison of Freuchie Mill is pictured in his wheelchair while telling us about his car insurance woes. We’re hoping to get a video interview with Wullie in the next day or two where all will become clear! The nice folk over at the