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Culvert Outlet Headwall Repair

Unfortunately the planned work to reinstate the culvert outlet area at Freuchie Mill has been delayed due to the recent bad weather and delays in the other flood prevention and protection works carried out over the last few months. The consultants for Kingdom Housing Association has advised the work will now commence on the 28th

Today’s Courier

The Courier features an article on the decision by Kingdom Housing Association  to pull the plug on the Broomfield Place / Millburn Place development due to the flood risk. Grab yourself a copy of  The Courier then turn to page 4 to read Cllr MacDiarmid’s and FFAG’s comments. Outstanding journalism by our friends at The

Planning Application Withdrawn

The diligence and perseverance of Freuchie residents, Freuchie Community Council and Freuchie Flood Action Group ensured Lomond Group and Kingdom Housing Association made every possible investigation when considering the flood risk at the proposed development at Broomfield Place. We were informed last night of the withdrawal of this planning application due to the flood risk

New Video Footage

Freuchie Flood Action Group has just received video footage taken during the flood event in the early hours of the 13th August 2008. Yet more graphic proof of why Kingdom Housing Association and the developers must ensure they get the flood prevention implementation correct on this site. This new content will be sent off to

The Darkest of Veils for the Bride

It was one of the happiest days of Kay and Jim’s life when they tied the knot and flew off on honeymoon.  They were truly oblivious to the cruel hand of fate smiting down on Freuchie Mill whilst they were blissfully enjoying the first throngs of married life. This is Kay’s story in her own

Freuchie Residents Form Flood Action Group

In the early hours of the 13th August 2008, the residents of Freuchie were caught up in an unprecedented flood event. The media widely reported the flooding in Freuchie Mill where 12 homes owned by private residents and Kingdom Housing Association were devastated in spectacular style. Even those Freuchie Mill resident who escaped their homes