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Freuchie Mill Flood Barrier

The Courier has done another outstanding job of highlighting the flood risk present in Freuchie in today’s article about the new automatic flood barrier installed at Freuchie Mill. This new flood protection measure protects three Kingdom Housing Association properties from being deluged in another August 2008 type flood event. Freuchie Flood Action Group pointed out

Changes to the Services

It has been a costly exercise to develop the services offered by allayit on this websites. Within the next few weeks the weather station and webcamera services currently offered for free will be switched to a subscription service – pricing information and T&Cs will be revealed soon. The services will also be switched over to

New Houses

There was nothing to report at the Freuchie Community Council meeting earlier this week in relation to the proposed Lomond Group / Kingdom Housing Association development at Broomfield Place / Millburn Place. Only a complex flood prevention solution will solve the flood risk issue at and downstream of the proposed site. Technorati Tags: Broomfield Place,

Scottish Water Concerns

For those of you following the proposed affordable homes development in the field to the east of Millburn Place, an important document from Scottish Water has been added that raises a number of new concerns. We will be highlighting these at next week’s community council meeting, but for everyone’s benefit let’s take a look at

Meeting Reminder

A little reminder about the public meeting, organised by Freuchie Community Council, to discuss the Broomfield Place housing development by Lomond Homes on behalf of Kingdom Housing. It is tonight! More details in our earlier post. Technorati Tags: Freuchie, Freuchie Community Council, Kingdom Housing, Lomond Homes

Broomfield Place Development

During tonight’s Freuchie Community Council meeting the issue of the Lomond Homes development for affordable housing to be owned and operated by Kingdom Housing at Broomfield Place was mentioned. The developer has now submitted plans which has some concern for FFAG, the most glaring of which is the developers haven’t been able to get a

Not Started Yet

In The Courier on Saturday, Derek Crowe, Senior Manager of Roads & Engineering Services for Fife Council, was quoted as saying: “In addition, we have been working in partnership with Kingdom Homes who have reinstated the collapsed culvert outlet-garden area affected by the previous flooding.” Whether Mr Crowe has been misquoted or there has been