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Weather Warning

A severe weather warning has been issued by The Met Office -  from midnight tonight a “YELLOW ALERT OF RAIN” will be in place for 24 hours. A period of heavy rain will affect parts of southern, central and eastern Scotland during Tuesday. The rain will tend to ease from the south during the afternoon.

August Met Office Stats

A Met Office spokesman on the BBC Scotland News programme revealed the following statistics for the first ten days of August: 2/3 of weather stations in Scotland have already recorded the usual amount of rainfall that would be seen in the whole of August. Aberdeen has recorded 1.5 times Edinburgh has recorded 2 times Leuchars


SEPA has multiple “Flood Watch” warnings in force throughout Scotland, including Fife rivers and watercourses. The Met Office has both Flash and Severe weather advisories in force throughout Scotland. Here’s hoping no one in Scotland has been flooded and stays safe throughout tonight. Technorati Tags: flood, flooding, Fife, Met Office, Scotland, SEPA

Definition: Rainfall Rate

As the weather turns autumnal, let’s look at a definition for a weather term of interest to us rain watchers – rainfall rate. There are many other definitions used throughout the world! Thanks go to Alex Hill of the Met Office for this comprehensive table as used in the UK. History has show Freuchie to

Be Prepared

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for Fife, but the Scotland wide advisory is far more accurate: There is a moderate risk of severe weather affecting parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland. There is the potential for heavy, thundery rain to give totals in excess of 50 mm in places, with an

Be Prepared

SEPA has issued a Flood Watch for Fife. FLOOD WATCH This statement was prepared on 19 November 2009 at 7:03 am. A FLOOD WATCH has been issued for Fife and Clackmannanshire rivers. A band of rain will stagnate over Clackmannanshire today with widespread totals of 25 to 40mm at low levels and 50 to 60mm

Rain on the Way

The Met Office has issued a “Flash Warning of severe or extreme weather”: Rain will spread northwards across southern and central Scotland during this evening and right through into tomorrow morning becoming heavy at times with totals of 25 to 30mm generally but with 50mm possible over the high ground. The public are advised to