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Today’s Courier

The Courier features an article on the decision by Kingdom Housing Association  to pull the plug on the Broomfield Place / Millburn Place development due to the flood risk. Grab yourself a copy of  The Courier then turn to page 4 to read Cllr MacDiarmid’s and FFAG’s comments. Outstanding journalism by our friends at The

New Houses

There was nothing to report at the Freuchie Community Council meeting earlier this week in relation to the proposed Lomond Group / Kingdom Housing Association development at Broomfield Place / Millburn Place. Only a complex flood prevention solution will solve the flood risk issue at and downstream of the proposed site. Technorati Tags: Broomfield Place,

Planning Comment

A few people have been asking where on the Fife Council website they can make a comment on the Millburn / Broomfield Place development. The link to the planning application is show below: http://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationDetails.do?action=showSummary&caseNo=10/00587/FULL Click on the “Make a Comment” button then fill in the form. Technorati Tags: Broomfield Place, Fife Council, Millburn Place

Flood Risk Assessment

The Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is now available on the Fife Council Planning website for the proposed Broomfield Place / Millburn Place affordable housing development. Check it out here. First off the community is disappointed that we weren’t consulted on the FRA, especially as FFAG had made a request for local consultation. As a community

Scottish Water Concerns

For those of you following the proposed affordable homes development in the field to the east of Millburn Place, an important document from Scottish Water has been added that raises a number of new concerns. We will be highlighting these at next week’s community council meeting, but for everyone’s benefit let’s take a look at