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40mm Day

Almost 40mm of rain has fallen since 9am yesterday morning. Watercourses throughout Freuchie are the fullest we’ve seen for quite some time. There should still be plenty of capacity to handle the predicted rainfall (taken from Norwegian Weather Service). Please check all your flood protection products and measures just in case they do need to

The Disappearing Culvert Pipe

Freuchie experienced the most rainfall in a while yesterday. Approximately 24mm of rain fell in 9 hours, with most of the total falling in a 7 hour spell of moderate steady rainfall. The culvert at Freuchie Mill rose considerably during this rainfall event. As has been previously highlighted, a rainfall rate of 3mm per hour

August Met Office Stats

A Met Office spokesman on the BBC Scotland News programme revealed the following statistics for the first ten days of August: 2/3 of weather stations in Scotland have already recorded the usual amount of rainfall that would be seen in the whole of August. Aberdeen has recorded 1.5 times Edinburgh has recorded 2 times Leuchars

40mm Day

Approximately 40mm of rainfall was recorded by the Freuchie Mill weather station from 9am on the 10th until 9am this morning (11th). Image: Recent daily rainfall totals This volume of rainfall will have fully saturated the ground thereby increasing the risk of flooding over the next few days as rain continues to fall. Technorati Tags:

The Morning of the Night Before

Water course levels have steadily fallen since the last post… thankfully.   Photos: Freuchie Mill culvert @ 9am The 26.4mm of rainfall experienced over the last 24 hours wouldn’t normally have been a cause of major concern but the frozen and saturated ground and remainder of the snowmelt made for a worrying few hours in

Definition: Rainfall Rate

As the weather turns autumnal, let’s look at a definition for a weather term of interest to us rain watchers – rainfall rate. There are many other definitions used throughout the world! Thanks go to Alex Hill of the Met Office for this comprehensive table as used in the UK. History has show Freuchie to


Interesting daily rainfall graph for the 24 hour period ending at 9am this morning: The Freuchie Mill weather station recorded 42.3mm of rain, with the highest rainfall rate of 28.8mm/hr occurring  at 4:25am. Technorati Tags: Freuchie, rainfall

Snowfall Update

Between 23rd December and 8th January the snowfall equated to about 20mm of rainfall. Over the last couple of days we have had the equivalent of 5mm of rainfall. All the watercourses are running at low levels at the moment. Fingers crossed for the continued slow thaw so we don’t have any flooding incidents. Technorati