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Flooding in Scotland

The Courier has just published an article on the flooding which affected so much of Scotland and North East England. Check it out here. Thankfully Freuchie only had about 26mm of rainfall, most of which was light, over the weekend. Technorati Tags: England,flooding,Freuchie,Scotland,The Courier

Today’s Courier

The Courier features an article on the decision by Kingdom Housing Association  to pull the plug on the Broomfield Place / Millburn Place development due to the flood risk. Grab yourself a copy of  The Courier then turn to page 4 to read Cllr MacDiarmid’s and FFAG’s comments. Outstanding journalism by our friends at The

Courier Today

The Courier has picked up on our praise for the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Bill on page  four of today’s newspaper. Technorati Tags: Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Bill, The Courier

Media Roundup

Both The Courier and the Fife Herald have picked up our “Oh No! Not Again!” blog post of last week. The Fife Herald version is available here. Our thanks again to Liz Rougvie of the Fife Herald and Gordon Berry of The Courier for running our story. Technorati Tags: Fife, Fife Herald, Gordon Berry, Liz

Not Started Yet

In The Courier on Saturday, Derek Crowe, Senior Manager of Roads & Engineering Services for Fife Council, was quoted as saying: “In addition, we have been working in partnership with Kingdom Homes who have reinstated the collapsed culvert outlet-garden area affected by the previous flooding.” Whether Mr Crowe has been misquoted or there has been

A Good Week in the Media

We’ve had a busy week in the media thanks once again to the Fife Herald and The Courier: one mention in the Fife Herald and two in The Courier. Both newspapers focused on our participation in the launch event for the Scottish Flood Forum and the meeting of Freuchie Flood Action Group committee members with

Courier Reports on Scottish Flood Forum Launch

The Courier has today reported on the launch of the Scottish Flood Forum by Mike Russell MSP, Minister for the Environment and attended by members of Freuchie Flood Action Group on Monday. However, unlike so many other media outlets that simply regurgitated the press release put out by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Flood

Media Roundup

Once again we need to thank The Courier and Fife Herald for continuing to feature Freuchie Flood Action Group in their news content this week. Tuesday saw us in print responding to the generous offer from Network Rail to contribute towards a full scale hydrology study for Freuchie. We look forward to hearing how the